Benefits of a Home insurance with us:

If you want your Spanish home to be well-covered at a great price and all this done by the second largest home insurer in Spain, then our Home Insurance is made for you.
  • Personalised assistance in English for your home 24/7/365 (Premium service)
  • Best coverage adapted to your needs
  • Travel assistance
  • Maintain you home in perfect condition with our Home Assistance service
  • 20% discount only for expats
  • Liability for dogs included
  • Covers any physical injury to third parties

Let us give you a free non-obligational quote.

Basic covers included:

With our home insurances you will receive following basic covers included.
  • Water damage
  • Roberry including burglery
  • Breakages
  • Aesthetic reconstruction
  • Food deterioration
  • Temporary transfers
  • Civil liability
  • Travel assistance
  • Assistance at home

Optional covers available:

If you wish you can also select optional extras that will raise your home insurance covers to the top:
  • Fully comprehensive property damage
  • Vehicle and water vessel in the garage
  • Accidental bodily injury
  • Civil liability in relation to dangerous dogs

Travel Assistance
Feel safe on Holiday with our tincluded travel assistance.

  • Up to 6,000 euros in medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs
  • Up to 150 euros in emergency dentist treatment
  • Extension of stay abroad due to illness/accident for a maximum of 10 days
  • Transportation and stay of an accompanying person due to hospitalisation of insured party for 5 days, with a maximum of a 10-day stay for the insured
  • Loss, theft or destruction of luggage (up to 150 euros per insured party and 1.500 euros per incident)
  • Sending medicines abroad
Home Assistance
24/h Assitance


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