We are a company formed by professionals in the insurance sector that Speak several languages.

Since 2012 we decided to become an exclusive agent for one of the biggest insurance companies in Spain.

The reason for this is  move was to get better conditions for our customers as well as having all insurances centralised in the same company.

We also needed to have a multiproduct company and not only one that could give as solutions for single product portfolios.

Since 2012 we are an exclusive agent for CAJA DE SEGUROS REUNIDOS, Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. - CASER-


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Expatinsurances - Life can be easy is an exclusive agent inscribed in the DGS and FP with number C0031. Avenida Los Boliches 4, Fuengirola, 29640, Malaga

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