Everyone is welcome!

They deserve it all, and now you can give back to your pet all the affection he gives you. Because you will give the best attentions, you will be protected against third party claims and you will also have all the advice to enjoy your pet to the maximum

We like you, we like pets.
That is why you can insure cats and dogs without any exclusion, or limits.

AGE: Dogs and cats no matter how old they are

HEALTH CONDITION: qual health status, prior to hiring

RACE: Even dangerous breeds can be insured

NO CARENS PERIOD: Neither deficiencies nor deadlines, you can use your insurance from the first day

Veterinary Assistance
Take care of the health of your pet with the best care, without limit and without costs.

     Veterinary consultations
     24 hour emergency consultations.
     Expert consultations


     Annual Rabies Vaccine
Additional Services


24h claims hotline

902 352 035


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